Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does Clikthrough do?
A: Clikthrough has created the technology that makes online video interactive within an online theater viewing experience.
Q: How does it work?
A: When you watch a video in the Clikthrough Theater, you will be able to Clik on anything you see: products, people, places, and more. Just Clik on the easy-to-see "hotspots" with your mouse if you want to learn more.
Q: When I Clik on a hotspot, what happens?
A: You will immediately see information to the right of the main video screen, offering you information like what/who/where it is; how to purchase it; user comments, how to save it to a wish list, as well as live chat, rating and sharing features
Q: What is the difference with Clikthrough and other video sites like YouTube?
A: Clikthrough offers a state of the art video viewing and shopping experience within our Theater giving the viewer a more exciting and interactive way to view and interact with videos.
Q: How is the Clikthrough video shopping experience unique?
A: Clikthrough gives the viewer a true 360 degree shopping experience surrounding the video in a unique theater environment. This information includes in-depth artist information, video, product, person and place information along with social networking interaction [chat, comments, ratings and a favorites list]

For any product (similar for person and place) in the video the user can view summary information on the product, view pictures on the product along with the following:
  • Email the product
  • Comment on the product
  • See the product in other videos
  • View similar products to the product in the video
  • Wishlist the product
  • Clik 2 Buy the product from our affiliate partners

For example for a band the viewer can get complete information on the band, their music, concerts and news:
  • Band and individual member information
  • Album and song information to buy songs
  • Concert information to see event dates and locations to buy tickets
  • Song lyrics from the video
  • Fun facts about the band members
  • Latest band news
  • Other videos where the artist appears
Q: Are there system requirements to use the Clikthrough Theater?
A: You only need a computer that supports Flash, which comes standard on 98% of operating systems. If you don't have Flash, you can download it here.
Q: Is there a way to chat with other members?
A: Yes, there is a live real-time chat system so you can chat away with other people watching the same video. Cool huh?
Q: Is there a way to comment on and rate the videos, as well as products, people, and places in a video?
A: Yes. You can comment on and rate any video, as well as any product, person, place or object in a video. Let your voice be heard!
Q: What do I need to sign up for an account?
A: It's easy. All you need is a valid email address and a password. It's all free!